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Tenshi Neko

Get To Know Tenshi Neko !

Tenshi Neko is a very popular super kawaii cute Japanese brand.  Tenshi Neko means "Angel Kitten" in Japanese.  She is a cute "kawaii" little shy angel who loves eating all types of candies and fruits.  Tenshi Neko is also a very nice and loving angel who enjoys helping other people and spreading happiness around the world !

Looking for a cute or unique gift ?  Browse through our various designs of kawaii anime Tenshi Neko products from Japan -  handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, pouches, pencil cases, and wallet purses.  If you are a kawaii collector, Tenshi Neko is just the brand for you.  They're so cute and adorable you just got to collect the complete set !  They also make a great gift too!

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